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    Looking Beyond The Behaviors

    January 28th, 2015

    By Jean Hamburg, LICSW Adults need to be able to look at ourselves in order to understand the emotions and behaviors of our children.  History, personality, relationships and situations are all extremely complicated, and often get in the way of our wonderful intentions—mostly because we are  human! When kids behave in challenging ways, there is […]

    by Jean Hamburg, LICSW An upset Mom recently shared this classic scene involving her two 7 and 9 yr. old children in their pediatrician’s office. It all started outside the office, and as is usually the case, when we wish that we were alone, we have an audience!  Sure enough, upon entering the office it […]

    By Jean Hamburg, LICSW One evening during a parent meeting, we were addressing the alluring topic of when, if or how to jump into the all-too-typical scene when kids are screaming for us to run to their rescue to solve this or that problem.  The specific scene we were considering was with two sisters, but […]

    Negative Nagging

    November 17th, 2014

    By Jean Hamburg, LICSW In the spirit of wanting the kids to complete a book report, be on time for school, set the table, be kind to a sibling and many more dreams on parental wish lists negative nagging often creeps into the picture. Nagging does not usually have positive  outcomes. It takes a good […]

    Talking to the air

    October 19th, 2014

    By Jean Hamburg, LICSW Does it ever feel like when we are talking to the kids it’s like talking to the air? Connecting with kids in positive ways is vital, but heading in that direction can call for some pretty fancy creativity. The goal is to communicate in such a way as to avoid kids […]

    By Jean Hamburg, LICSW Wouldn’t it be nice if kids decided to ‘step it up’ when asked to do something?  Even if our kids-of-any age decided to cooperate more than just occasionally, parents everywhere would be doing the happy dance!  Adults work really hard at helping everyone to make it through the day without major […]

    “HURRY UP!”

    August 15th, 2014

    By Jean Hamburg, Licsw We hear it every day.  We shout it every day:  “HURRY UP!”.  The key word here is ‘shout’. One of the problems with this scene is that everyone shuts out the other and instead of hurrying up, there is often a slowing down. So what can get the ‘slower than a […]

    The Beauty of a Time-Out

    July 16th, 2014

    by Jean Hamburg, LICSW Throughout my adult years, I have often wished for someone to tell me  ‘Go to your room and take a time-out!”  A few years ago the  proverbial light bulb turned on as I put some thought into what a time-out is really all about. I believe that a time-out is NOT: […]

    By Jean Hamburg, LICSW TIMING IS EVERYTHING In the heat of challenging moments, emotions for everyone often escalate. Sara (age 15) has been more rude than anyone else in the entire history of her family! Brenda (age 12) has never before refused to go to school, but today she has definitely drawn the line and […]

    Banish the Word Bad

    March 22nd, 2014

    By Jean Hamburg, LICSW Using the word ‘bad’ anywhere near or about children of any age gives the wrong message about the adults as well as the kids, and reflects negatively on everyone. Substituting the phrase ‘poor choice’ sets a whole different tone. It’s not often that parents have an easy road to addressing a […]

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