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  • My cat has ME trained! Does this sound familiar?

    Philip the Cat

    Philip the Cat – Photo by Jean

    By Jean Hamburg, LICSW

    Philip is my 10 year old gray and white skinny cat. He is a lovely cat, but he is the fussiest eater with two or four legs that I have ever met in my entire life! The vet says he must gain weight.

    I have shared this information with Fussy Philip, but he is unimpressed.

    These are the ways that Mr. P. has trained me: I offer him canned food- the kind the vet says would be best for him.
    He sniffs the can, and if he starts to lick it, that is the signal that he will eat it. This happens for a period of days so of course I go out and buy a ton of it, but as soon as I do, he refuses to even sniff it. Dry food is another matter. I need to put it on the counter, and tap three times. Then he might eat it. If I put it in a bowl, he absolutely will not.

    When I travel, friends come in to feed Fussy Philip. They don’t know what I am talking about when I leave a long detailed list of instructions about the food thing. They tell me he eats lots of things, has no preference about food on the counter, three taps, and so forth. WHAT????

    Kids often act a lot like Philip. We hear they are well behaved in school and at other people’s houses, but at home it may be an entirely different story. WHAT????

    Now that I think about it, I’m glad that Mr. P. decides to eat when I am away, and I’ll take it when the kids are like angels at school and on play dates, but there sure are a lot of mysteries in this world!!

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