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Cooperation Counts

  • Praise for the Book

    Cooperation Counts!

    Life-Saving Strategies For Parenting Toddlers to Teens

    By Jean Hamburg, LICSW,   Illustrated by Barb English.

    Outskirts Press, 2011,    ISBN 978-1-4327-6255-151395

    “An easy to learn and non-confrontational approach to discipline based on a clever adaptation of 1-2-3 Magic’s counting procedure. Cooperation Counts takes the stress off of parents by giving moms and dads clear guidelines and also by removing the need to verbally persuade the kids to behave. Leaves the responsibility for good behavior right where it belongs, with the kids.” — Dr. Thomas W. Phelan, Author, 1- 2- 3 Magic


    “The Cooperation Counts program helps everyone in the family to get on board and acts like a nice, solid rudder for the deep water parts of our family life journeys. The best part is that we are all getting through the rough patches much more smoothly now.” — The Garthe Family, Marblehead, MA


    “Connecting home and school when the Cooperation Counts program is in place at home, has resulted in dramatic positive changes in children’s behaviors.  For example, in one week’s time, I saw an enormous turnaround in a four-year-old girl, who continued to maintain this growth for the entire school year. I highly recommend this program to families!”  — Jeanne Knox, M.Ed, Hamilton, MA


    “I am a pediatric neurologist who has turned to Jean Hamburg on numerous occasions to help me with some of my most challenging patients.  Her passion, dedication, and techniques have led to great success.  I have often been able to avoid medicating patients when families use the Cooperation Counts methods.  Jean’s behavioral plan and therapy is the non-medication approach I prefer the most.”  — Dr. Lauren Kondev, M.D., Lexington, MA


    “Jean has been a tremendous resource. We have used her approach consistently for 13 months because it is effective, helps our child learn to make good choices and is easy to follow. This program works for children with varying developmental needs and of different ages. The concise and respectful approach to communication can be helpful for children with language processing and impulse control challenges. The book is well written and divided into short sections that a busy parent can read 10 minutes at a time.” — Massachusetts Mom


    “By the time he was a year old, my third grandchild had embraced the process of cooperating to the count of 1 – 2 – 3.  The simplicity of the program is magical, and the results are amazing. Thank you Jean Hamburg!”– Linda in Marblehead

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