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    By Jean Hamburg, LICSW

    Although it is tempting to send the kids to time out if one is at home, or just leave when one is in public, other methods can be considered.

    Time-out means many things to many people including:
    “I’ve had it.” “Take some space and think about it.”’
    “Let me know when you’re ready to behave.” “Learn the lesson.”
    All of the above and many more.

    Actually, when kids are acting up it is usually a red flag of some sort. Often the red flag is a mystery, but at other times very clear as in when kids of any age cannot get their way!

    When adult ‘outbursts’ join with kid ones then Even More Trouble is alive and well.

    No one of any age usually comes up with solutions to problems when emotions are running on high; therefore it is up to the adults to set the tone.

    What if the goal of a time-out would be for adults and kids to just take a break and move on? This kind of break can mean a lot less stress for everyone!

    After all, the real goal of every relationship is to get through the trouble and enjoy each other as much and as often as possible!

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