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  • Intro to Cooperation Counts!


    Even under the best of circumstances, ‘it’ can happen.

    Have your beloved kids ever turned you into grumblers?

    Have you ever closed your eyes and wished that they would just decide to put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket and be done with it-even just once.

    Have you ever gotten into a power struggle with people related to you who are mostly shorter than you or who may actually even be taller, but who have smaller numbers associated with their age than yours?

    Wait!  There is hope!

    Grumbling can turn into lighter moods, even if the kids decide to miss the laundry basket 100% of the time!

    Find out ways to get out of nasty, no-win power struggles—FAST.

    Use the Cooperation Counts! plan and find some easy answers!


    Learn more by visiting the book and author website: www.cooperationcounts.com

    This program has “street cred” from my lives as a social worker and a parent.  Over time, a lot of time, my social work practice came to life with a focus on children and families.  With the guidance of many people, of all ages, I learned how family systems work and then developed the behavioral system that is outlined in Cooperation Counts!

    Along the way, I was encouraged to write a book – not sure I could do it.  But I did.  Cooperation Counts! is now available for purchase on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites.

    This amazing journey has brought me into stronger and stronger connection with the beautiful, messy, one-of-a-kind stories of families learning to cooperate, minus adult—or child– theatrics.

    Those stories, tips, resources and author events will form the basis for the Cooperation Counts! blog.   I still don’t quite know how this will unfold – but as always, I have faith.

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